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Supply Update

Syringe Distribution by Health Authority

In 2012, the BC Harm Reduction Program distributed almost 7 million needles/syringes, an increase of over a million from the year before.

2012 Supplies Distributed by Health Authority

Do you work at a harm reduction site that is authorized to order supplies? Are you a person who submits the orders? 

If yes, we have some important updates for you.

The fax number on the supply requisition form changed in August 2012.

Download the latest requisition form from our website every time you order. The new fax number is highlighted on the form.

Why have we changed fax numbers?

The BC Harm Reduction Program has moved offices recently. This doesn’t change the service you are receiving but our contact information has changed. This information can be found on the latest requisition form from our website.

Why download the latest requisition form from our website?

We have new and different products. Sometimes our suppliers change, or the packaging and quantities of the supplies change. To ensure you have the latest information, download the supply requisition form from our website every time you order. (Note: short term, temporary changes may not be reflected on the form.)

2012 Inhalation Supplies

Harm reduction supplies have an expiration date. A good management system will help reduce waste and save the program money. Reducing waste means we can do more.

1) Store new products to the back and bring old products to the front. This way you’ll remember to use older products first so they don’t expire.

2) Ensure more than one person is trained and responsible for ordering. It’s best that there is one main person in charge of ordering supplies for consistency and expertise. It also helps when there are others who are prepared to fill-in if needed. This also ensures that supplies don’t get lost or misplaced if another staff person receives the delivery.

3) Know what to order and how much. You can refer to our harm reduction policy form for more information. We encourage you to order once every three months.

If you’re an authorized site and need help ordering, contact your health authority representative found on the second page of the supply requisition form posted on our website.