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Needle/Syringe Distribution Across the Province

Over 8 million in 2013 - up from 4.18 million in 2006.

Needle distribution in BC (2013)
Map credit: Mieke Fraser, BCCDC

Population rate of needle/syringe distribution varies by health authority. Vancouver Coastal Health had the highest rate and Fraser Health the lowest (at 450 and < 50 needles per 100 population respectively).

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New Cookers Include Sterile Filters

Using filters lowers the risk of injecting unwanted particles into your body.

Sterile filters now come with cookers

  • Retains less of your product
  • Improved filtration
  • Sterile to reduce cotton fever

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Five numbers that will change how you think about drug overdoses.

333 people died of overdose in BC in 2013

85% happen in the company of others

1 minute for naloxone to start reversing the effect

911 calling is the first and most crucial step

155 overdoses reversed by take home naloxone kits

Sterile Filters are now included with cookers!

Use one needle per filter
Sharing a filter can increase spread of viruses and bacteria.

Do not save filters
Fungi and bacteria can grow in old filters leading to cotton fever and other infections.

Keep filter from contamination
Handle filter as little as possible.

Cigarette filters are not a safe alternative
They contain small particles of glass and will contain toxic substances after smoking.