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Naloxone Updates

Replacement Kits

Take Home Naloxone kit

Participants in the Take Home Naloxone program are eligible for a replacement if their kit has been used, lost, stolen or confiscated. They can also receive new naloxone if their current medication has expired provided they have a valid prescription.

Some kits have already expired as of October! Others will need replacement naloxone in March 2015.

Follow the instructions in this checklist to dispense a new kit or naloxone to a client >>


We have a new order form for registered sites to requisition supplies for the Take Home Naloxone program. Sites will need to email or fax the form and anticipate up to two weeks for delivery. For timely processing, we recommend submitting your order by Wednesday 12pm. Sites are encouraged to order no more than once a month.

IN THE WORKS: Nurses Will Soon Be Allowed to Dispense Naloxone

Naloxone is a prescription-only medication in Canada and, in BC, only physicians and nurse practitioners can prescribe naloxone at the moment. BCCDC has been working with CRNBC and PHSA Nursing Practice to develop a decision support tool to allow nurses to dispense naloxone.

We’d like to especially thank four outstanding nurses for their time and dedication in putting this together: Jessica Bridgeman, Kirstin McLaughlin, Tim Gauthier and Christine Halpert.

Healthy Minds Healthy People Calls for More THN Programs

B.C.’s 10-year mental health and substance use plan prioritizes the equitable expansion of harm reduction services.


Promote expanded reach of harm reduction supports and services particularly opioid overdose prevention, recognition and response training, including THN education, to prevent death & disability.

Each year, increase by at least 30% the number of sites in BC that provide THN education and referral and/or naloxone kit distribution (compared to the number of THN sites in the previous year).

Sites can be any location accessed by people who use opioids, including community health centres, public health units, and harm reduction supply distribution sites.

To be eligible to distribute naloxone kits, sites must:

  • Be a health care facility where other medication is stored (e.g. health unit, clinic or pharmacy) OR partner with a health care facility that is able to store medication until it can be dispensed.
  • Have access to:
    • Educators (provides training)
    • Prescribers (physician or nurse practitioner)
    • Dispensers (dispenses naloxone kit)
    • Coordinator (liaises with BCCDC & manages program)

These responsibilities are outlined in the Take Home Naloxone Program Guide.

We have a NEW section on our Naloxone page for resources such as posters and pamphlets, including the sample poster below to remind clients to check the expiration date on their kits.

Sample Poster: Expired Naloxone