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Information For Alerts and People Who Use Substances

This page contains important information about staying safe. Use this page for the latest on signing up for Toxic Drug and Public Health Alerts, as well as accessing overdose prevention and drug checking services in BC.


Toxic Drug and Health Alerts

    Sign up and receive Toxic Drug and Health Alerts by text.

    Toward the Heart and BCCDC have partnered with health authority and community partners to send anonymous toxic drug and health alerts by text in B.C.

    Toxic drug and health alerts is a free, real-time text messaging service for anyone to receive toxic drug alerts or share information about toxic drugs in their community. This service is anonymous.

    People can get other information by text message, like where to find naloxone or how to get drugs tested.

    Toxic drug and health alerts are currently available in Interior, Fraser, Northern, Vancouver Island, and Vancouver Coastal Health regions. 

    To sign up, text the word JOIN to 253787 (ALERTS). Message and data rates may apply. 

  • Health Authority Regions Map

  • Instructions

      Send and receive Toxic Drug and Health Alerts by text

      To sign up, text the word JOIN to 253787 (ALERTS).

      When you sign up you’ll be asked which health region you want to get alerts for.  You can choose more than one region or sign up for the whole province.  You will receive alerts for all of B.C. if you do not choose an area. To find out which health region you live in, look here.

      Once you’ve signed up, you can text the following words for more options:

      • MENU to see all the options and tools for this service
      • FIND to find harm reduction supplies
      • NARCAN to learn where naloxone kits are available
      • SAFE to find overdose prevention sites
      • TREAT to find substance use treatment and support services
      • OD to tell us about toxic drugs so we can warn others
      • MAP to confirm or change the area you want to receive alerts for
      • HELP (or AIDE) for help with this text service
      • STOP (or ARRET) to stop receiving texts from this number
      • START (or COMMENCER) to rejoin this service after texting STOP

      For more information about texting, read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Virtual Overdose Prevention Services

Brave COOP App

The Brave App will connect you to a caring supporter wherever and whenever you use drugs, so you don’t have to use alone. Anonymous, caller-led, peer-to-peer, opt-in for community responder or emergency response. Canada Wide.

Lifeguard App

Connect is a life-saving app that links app users to mental health and substance use resources. A key feature is the Use Alone Timer to stay protected during substance use. 

App users can begin the timer prior to consumption and reset the timer when they are safe. If they become unresponsive, paramedics will be automatically alerted.


The National Overdose Response Service is an overdose prevention hotline for Canadians, providing loving, confidential, nonjudgmental support for you whenever and wherever you use drugs. Canada Wide.

Call 1-888-688-NORS(6677) 

Overdose Prevention Sites

Overdose Prevention Sites are locations where people can use illegal drugs under supervision by trained staff who can provide emergency response services if necessary. The Health Authority links below have the most current information.

Vancouver Coastal  |  Interior BC  |  Vancouver Island  |  Northern BC |  Fraser

Drug Checking Services

Drug checking services are now offered by a variety of harm reduction service providers across BC. The links below include the most current information. 

Vancouver Coastal  |  Interior BC  |  Vancouver Island  |  Northern BC |  Fraser

For more information and locations see: 

Vending Machine Services

To find vending machines and care kiosks that distribute harm reduction materials please visit the the Health Authority links below for the most current information.

 Interior BC  | Vancouver Island 

Find Overdose Prevention Sites

Choose "Overdose Prevention Site" from the supply options below.

Please enter a valid location or a known location that is near you.


Report Bad Dope (Greater Vancouver)

Report Bad Dope (Greater Vancouver)

Help warn people and save lives by filling in an anonymous form.

Prevent & Respond to Overdoses

Prevent & Respond to Overdoses

Know the risks, signs and responses for the different kinds of overdoses.

Safer Sex & Drug Use

Safer Sex & Drug Use

While nothing is completely safe, there are ways you can reduce your risk.