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Training & Resources

Overdose prevention and response materials to educate people how to use naloxone. There are also resources for Take Home Naloxone sites that distribute kits.


  • Teaching Materials
      Quick-Learn Lesson

      A brief interactive course in how to use naloxone.

      Naloxone Training Manual

      Created to support any person interested in learning how to prevent, recognize and respond to opioid overdoses. It includes the key knowledge and competencies required to administer naloxone.

      Training Checklist

      Take Home Naloxone Participant Knowledge Checklist

      Training Certificate

      This certificate may be presented to those who have completed the Take Home Naloxone training.


  • Videos
      How To Use Naloxone (Narcan)

      This short video walks through the symptoms of an opioid overdose and how to respond with naloxone.

      Naloxone Saves Lives

      This 13 minute video shows how the THN program is saving lives. It includes naloxone training.

      Naloxone Wakes You Up

      This 6 minute video is for young adults. It highlights the overdose dangers they face and how to save a life with naloxone.

  • Posters


Health Professionals

Get additional resources, including guidelines and recommendations for site staff and health professionals.