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For Registered Sites

This area is for harm reduction sites that are registered in one of our programs. Please visit our program pages for more information including how to register.

For registered sites, please see below for any current site alerts and how to report faulty supplies.

THN/FORB/HR Holiday Ordering Schedule Dec 2023

***IMPORTANT: Holiday Ordering Schedule***

Please note that deliveries will likely take longer than usual and sites are encouraged to place orders in advance for HR/THN/FORB to cover the two week holiday period (Dec 14 – Dec 29).

  • THN/FORB – Please place your orders by END OF DAY Wednesday, Dec 13th for processing Thursday, Dec 14th.  For THN/FORB orders submitted Thursday Dec 14th – Friday Dec 29th, please contact if URGENT otherwise requests will be processed on Thursday Jan 4th.
  • HR supplies – Please place your orders by END OF DAY Friday, Dec 15th for delivery the week of Dec 18th. The typical HR ordering schedule will resume on Tuesday Jan 2nd; please submit orders by end-of-day Friday, Dec 29, as Jan 1 is a stat holiday. RUSH orders will be available during the holiday period; if you have an urgent need during this time, let us know.

Note that the office is closed on Dec 25th, 26th and Jan 1st.  Please plan accordingly!

How to Report Faulty Supplies

If you have received faulty supplies, please provide the BCCDC with the following details:

o   product code

o   lot/serial #

o   site contact name and contact info

o   description of the problem

o   availability of samples

For faulty Harm Reduction supplies, please email details to and CC your local Harm Reduction Coordinator. 

For faulty Take Home Naloxone or Facility Overdose Response Box supplies, please email details to and CC your local Harm Reduction Coordinator. 

You may be contacted directly by the BCCDC pharmacy or by Stevens should they require  further information or need to arrange a sample to be returned to their warehouse. 




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