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Harm Reduction Sites

Your site must be pre-authorized by the regional Health Authority to receive and distribute supplies.

Important to Remember

Many supplies have an expiration date. This should always inform supply use and distribution. Good supply management systems help reduce waste and save money.

Suppliers and product names may occasionally change. To ensure that your harm reduction supply order is filled in a timely manner, please use the most recent version of the Supply Requisition Form.

How to order harm reduction supplies

  • Get approval by your regional Health Authority
  • Complete the Supply Requisition Form
      Minimum Order Size

      We recommend that you order in bulk every 3 months or longer to meet the Minimum Order Size. The distributor charges additional handling fees for small orders. If you failed to meet the Minimum Order Size, BCCDC might fax back the form with instructions to “increase your order” and your order might be delayed.

      Notice of Volume Increase

      You must provide notice 6 months in advance if your order increases by more than 30% from the previous year. Talk to your Health Authority representative to ensure no disruptions occur.

      Keep your information current

      Ensure your Health Authority rep is informed of changes to contact information to avoid the requisition form from not being processed.

  • Fax it by Monday to receive supplies that week

      Otherwise, your order will not be processed until the following week.

  • Check your order upon delivery

      Ensure that you receive the correct quantity and that the supplies reach you in good condition. If you notice any discrepancy, or have any questions or concerns, please call (604) 707-2517. 

  • Dealing with Faulty Supplies

      If any of the products in your order appear to be damaged or faulty (seal on packages or wrapping is broken, product is dented, cracked or broken, etc), it is your responsibility to follow the proper reporting procedure.

      Contact the BCCDC Harm Reduction Program and your local Health Authority Harm Reduction Coordinator and provide them with the following information:

      • Description of damage/fault in product (include condition of packaging and where supply was stored on site)
      • An image of the faulty supply
      • Lot or batch number (on supply box)
      • Expiration date of supply (if available)
      • Date that supplies were received at your site

      Additional steps are outlined below for condom and needle products.


      For any needles or syringe products, you must also submit a report to the manufacturer by following the same process as for the condoms – you will find the “BD Needle Complaints” form alongside the condom breakage form after you login the Staff HRSS page on this site.


      For any condom products, you must also report the faulty supplies to the manufacturer. You do this by logging into the Staff HRSS page and completing the “Condom Breakage Form” provided under the “Supply Complaints” heading. You will find it under the “Resources” toolbar on the right hand side of the webpage.

  • Faulty or damaged supplies should never be distributed. Make sure you replace these products with new supplies.

Tips to Reduce Waste

'First in, First Out'

Store new products to the back and bring old products to the front. This way you’ll remember to use older products first so they don’t expire.

Know what to order and how much

Know your community and track your supply usage. We encourage you to order once every three months for all of the supplies you need.

Have a system

Ensure more than one person is trained how to order and manage supplies. It’s still important to designate one person to be in charge to avoid duplicate orders.