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Peer2Peer (P2P)

The Peer2Peer project aims to identify, implement, and evaluate peer-led support interventions for peers/ experiential workers in overdose response settings. See below for project background, the ROSE model and best practice manual, COVID-19 support tools and the compassionate action campaign series.

About the Peer2Peer (P2P) Project

The ROSE Initiative & Manual


    To increase recognition for the crucial work done by experiential workers in overdose response settings, a video featuring ‘a day in the life of a peer’ has been developed. This video highlights stories of experiential workers’ lived experience within communities that use substances.

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Dual Public Health Emergencies in BC

Compassionate Action: An Anti-Stigma Campaign

    The Compassionate Action modules are a series of interactive case study videos about stigma and discrimination experienced by People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) and an accompanying reflection/discussion guide.

    The videos are based on real life experiences of PWUD, and build up on the Compassionate Engagement modules. The modules are designed to engage PWUD and the people who provide services to them, such as health care and frontline service providers, first responders, and organizational managers. Recognizing that many service providers have lived or living experience of substance use, the modules can be adapted to meet local needs and situations. Thus, the modules are intended to bring PWUD and other providers together to encourage collaboration and mutual respect.

  • How Does the Campaign Work?

      The Compassionate Action campaign consists of five modules, each highlighting a different context where PWUD often experience stigma. The guide for the Compassionate Action modules provides suggestions on what to consider while watching the video, a brief video clip, followed by prompts for a discussion between PWUD and service providers, ideally led by a facilitator in a physical or virtual classroom setting.

      Questions for individual reflection are also provided in case some people review the videos independently. It is not necessary for individuals/ groups to complete all the modules; one may select the modules relevant to them.

  • Compassionate Action Series Modules