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Intranasal Naloxone

Posted on: August 29th, 2016

Intranasal Naloxone

Naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray is currently approved for sale in the United States under the brand name Narcan™ Nasal Spray. Intranasal naloxone is not currently approved by Health Canada.

On July 6, 2016, in response to a continued rise in opioid deaths, Health Canada announced that the Minister of Health had signed an interim order to allow the importation of intranasal naloxone:

Health Canada is currently working with public health authorities to determine how intranasal naloxone will be made available for purchase in each region.

Adapt Pharma has filed a New Drug Submission with Health Canada which may eventually allow the product to be sold in Canada. The application for licensing has been expedited and the approval is anticipated to occur in January, 2017.

The interim intranasal formulation is 4mg/ml


The interim cost of instranasal naloxone, through Health Canada, is $145CDN for 2 doses.

BC Take home naloxone program

The BC Take Home Naloxone program does not intend to include intranasal naloxone as part of the Take Home Naloxone program kits.

The existing kits, which contain 3 ampoules of injectable (0.4mg) naloxone will continue to be made available for people at high risk of an opioid overdose at no cost to the individual. Kits and training will continue to be distributed through registered and approved Take Home Naloxone sites across the province.