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Swabs can be ordered by harm reduction distribution sites which are approved by the appropriate regional health authority.The harm reduction supply requisition form available online on the BCCDC website should be used, and swabs ordered at the same time as other harm reduction supplies. The completed form is faxed to BCCDC.

More information about the Canadian best practice recommendations for alcohol swab distribution can be found here.


Vancouver Coastal Overdose Prevention Site Resources (includes Alerts): 

    Alert and List of OD Prevention & Supervised Injection Sites (May 23, 2017)

    Overdose Prevention and Response

     Report Bad Dope

     Drop-In THN Training,                           Vancouver (May - July)

Fraser Health  - Alerts and Take Home Naloxone Training: 

      Take Home Naloxone Training Locations

 Interior Overdose Prevention Sites (includes Alerts): 

    Carfentanil Confirmed                            (2017-Mar-02)

    Living Positive Resource Centre

    List of Sites

Northern Overdose Prevention Site        (location/hrs)

Island Overdose Prevention Sites & Alerts:


    List of Sites

    Wesley Street Info

    Victoria Sites


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